A wire transfer or electronic credit may be sent to Spectrolab in payment of our invoices via the following path:

Bank of America, NT&SA 100 W. 33rd Street New York, NY 10001 Donna Neal (312) 828-1247

Spectrolab, Inc.
Corporate Deposit Account 0092905356
Routing Transit Number 026009593
CHIPS Address 0959
S.W.I.F.T. Code BOFA US 3N
Please add the statement PAY IN FULL TO BENEFICIARY to avoid transfer fee deductions from the principal amount by the sending and/or intermediary bank. Spectrolab, Inc. will not absorb these fees.

For questions or clarification, please contact:

Accounts Receivable
Spectrolab, Inc.
(818) 898-7548
Fax (818) 365-7771