The Enhanced Nightsun® Gimbal Assembly now incorporates a unibody Arm that has integrated reinforcements that eliminate the need for a service-life limit. The Gimbal Arm also incorporates the ability for the customer to take advantage of the new Elevation Stop. This new Elevation Stopping mechanism allows for customer-adjustable stop points that would limit the Elevation Range as per the operational requirement. These adjustments can be done in 2° increments.


Improvements to both the Azimuth and Elevation Gearboxes augment performance by reducing backlash, thus allowing for stability characteristics that keep the light on target in a more uniform manner. As an added benefit resulting from these changes, the Gearboxes will sustain a higher Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF) based on the reduced need for Gearbox maintenance.


These enhancements are available on new units but can also be applied to older units through an upgrade procedure so that current users of the SX-16 Nightsun® can continue to use their existing systems.