Illumination Product History

Spectrolab's Illumination Product line was developed in response to a growing need to test solar cells under a simulated solar spectrum. Initially, the product line began with solid-state and pulsed-light simulators that could reproduce the intensity of light that solar cells would be exposed to in the vacuum of space. Although the majority of our solar simulator products are standardized items, we have also completed many highly customized projects for customers worldwide.

More than 35 years ago, Spectrolab recognized another important use for its high-intensity lighting technology. In 1969, Bell Helicopters became the first operator of Spectrolab's SX-16 Nightsun Searchlight. Producing a minimum of 30 million candlepower (with 40-50 million candlepower typical operating range), the Nightsun Searchlight has become the world's most used airborne searchlight system. Since then, Spectrolab has launched the smaller, yet highly intense SX-5 Starburst Searchlight rated at a minimum of 15 million candlepower (20-30 million typical operating range), and the Nightsun XP, which has the same light intensity as the SX-16, with many added programmable enhancements. Spectrolab is also expanding into land based high intensity searchlight applications with the Commercial High Intensity Searchlight (C.H.I.S.). This light puts out 200-300 million candlepower with a 1600 watt lamp. Domestic and foreign Military Services, Law Enforcement Agencies, Search and Rescue Teams, and Emergency Medical Services are just a few of the customers that rely on Spectrolabs Illumination Products to protect borders, fight crime, and save lives worldwide.

Throughout the development of these products, Spectrolab has worked closely with many agencies to ensure that we produced a product that was truly useful for their applications. We continue to work closely with many of our customers in developing current and future products, and we welcome all customer input and suggestions in making product improvements. We would like to thank all customers, past and present, for their continued cooperation and support. We look forward to maintaining and building these relationships for years to come.