The Enhanced version of our In Flight Change Over (IFCO) Searchlight provides upgrades to the Cooling Blower, Focus mechanism, Hour-meter for lamp ON life, a new Reflector coating that garners a 20% increase in candlepower (when not using the IFCO Hood) and also a Lamp OFF Switch on the Control Box. The Cooling Blower is a brushless unit with a 10,000 hour recommended service life.


The Focus mechanism is now bi-directional in nature and the operator can cycle from wide to narrow focus, or vice versa, and stop anywhere in between to reverse direction. The lamp ON Hour-meter will allow for more exact lamp life metrics. The new Reflector has effectively increased the candlepower of the Searchlight to a nominal 50 Million Candlepower when not using the IFCO Hood. The lamp OFF Switch eliminates the need for the entire system to be powered down when turning off the lamp.

These enhancements are available on new units but can also be applied to older units through an upgrade procedure so that current users of the SX-16 Nightsun® can continue to use their existing systems.