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Space Products


Spectrolab offers a range of Ga,InP/GaAs/Ge multijunction solar cells with efficiencies reaching 30%.



CICs (Solar Cell + Interconnects + Coverglass)

Spectrolab’s space solar cells can be purchased as assemblies complete with space-qualified coverglass

to protect against cosmic radiation, a discrete silicon bypass diode to protect against shadow-induced

reverse bias, and interconnects for welded or soldered connections between

solar cells to create voltage-adding series “strings”.  




The greatest share of Spectrolab’s product deliveries are fully assembled

space solar panels.  Based on a customer’s specifications for maximum

area, operating temperature and voltage, and the mission environment

and duration, Spectrolab engineers maximize performance for

End of Life performance.  The panel substrates onto which

Spectrolab’s multijunction circuits are bonded and wired to

terminations, are provided as customer-furnished equipment.




Spectrolab provides solar panels for commercial, science, and military program solar arrays,

for integration onto spacecraft by satellite prime contractors.


Pictured here is a 51-foot, sixteen-panel solar array.