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Packaging Services

Spectrolab operates a world-class packaging laboratory for prototype assembly and test. The engineers of the packaging team will work with you to custom design photodiodes, and laser fiber packages to meet your specific needs. We have the capability to inspect and test the package during and after assembly to meet the Bellcore standards. Finally, Spectrolab has state-of-the-art modeling tools and the expertise to perform thermal, mechanical, vibration and optical analysis.

Spectrolab’s state-of-the-art packaging laboratory includes the following equipment:

Die Attach Equipment:

Wire Bonding Equipment:

Fiber Coupling Equipment:

Spectrolab employs the latest techniques used for fiber alignment. One technique uses a basic fiber alignment system for fiber alignments with a wide range of alignment tolerance. Another technique uses high-precision fiber alignment system for alignment of fibers requiring high accuracy and narrow tolerance like SM fibers. A pigtail soldering system is used to achieve hermetic soldering of fiber providing input and output for optoelectronic packages.

Hermetic Sealing Equipment:

Cleaning Equipment:

Measurement and Quality Inspection Equipment:


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Packaging Foundry Services