Spectrolab sensor products division offers high performance InGaAs cameras and detectors for the LIDAR imaging, autonomous navigation, and range finding applications and high performance laser power converter products for the power by fiber, EMI free power applications. We also offer custom designed photodetectors, photodector arrays, and laser power converters.


Spectrolab has been in development of InGaAs sensor chips and arrays for well over 10 years and is now offering high performance sensor products to the LIDAR imaging, autonomous navigation markets, as well as for other sensing and ranging applications. Spectrolab’s semiconductor and photodetector Manufacturing capabilities have advanced the sensor product line into an expanding portfolio. Product portfolio includes: SpectroScan 3D ‐ a new low‐cost MEMS LIDAR System, SpectroCam LG3D – a single photon counting 32X32 Geiger‐mode APD SWIR infrared camera, InGaAs APD arrays, low‐noise InGaAs PIN arrays and 32X32 APD Geiger mode sensor chip assemblies.


Spectrolab has developed high efficiency multi‐junction laser power converters, based on our high efficiency solar cell designs, for the input wavelengths of 810 – 850 nm and 1020 – 1060 nm lasers. We offer 2V and 6V laser power converter chips and also in a variety of packages such as FT, ST, and fiber pigtailed packages.


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