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Space Products: cics

CICs (Solar Cell + Interconnects + Coverglass)

Once solar cells are tested they are either shipped to customers or forwarded internally for assembly into CICs (Cells-Interconnects-Coverglass and bypass diode). 


Space-qualified coverglass is applied to the front of the solar cell with a transparent adhesive to capture high energy electrons that would otherwise damage the solar cell and limit performance in space.  Interconnects for routing power out of the cell are welded onto the front and back of the cell.  A bypass diode that protects the cell when solar cell circuits become partially shadowed and drive the shadowed cells into reverse bias are attached onto the cell’s rearside.


Data Sheets (pdf)

30.7% NeXt Triple Junction (XTJ) Prime Solar Cells
29.5% NeXt Triple Junction (XTJ) Solar Cells
28.3% Ultra Triple Junction (UTJ) Solar Cells