Solar Simulator Solar simulators for solar cells, panels and arrays.

Spectrolab manufactures world standard steady-state and pulse solar simulators that simulate the sun's light in a variety of conditions, such as those at sea level or in outer space. Spectrolab's entry into the design and manufacture of solar simulators was driven by the need to reliably test the company's solar cells. Steady state solar simulators are generally used in laboratory or production environments for precision testing and/or calibration of light-sensitive (e.g., photovoltaic) devices. Solar simulators are also used on terrestrial, aerospace and satellite products as a long-term simulated sunlight exposure system to test optical coatings, thermal control coatings, paints, etc. Pulse simulators make it possible to test large solar panels at a fraction of the cost of steady state solar simulators. Because the temperature of the solar cells under test are held constant, the need for thermocouple testing is eliminated, resulting in savings in both time and cost.




Spectrolab is proud to announce...

Spectrolab Illumination Test and Analysis Complex


Spectrolab is proud to announce a new facility now available for customer device test and analysis. In an effort to provide a readily accessible concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) device test capability for our customer base, we introduce the Spectrolab Illumination Test and Analysis Complex (SITAC).


This facility provides access to our newest Continuous Wave XT-20 Solar Simulator so that existing or potential customers may test devices. Devices ranging in size from 0.5cm by 0.5cm to 2cm by 2cm can be tested on this simulator. In terms of test capacity, twelve devices may be tested simultaneously on water-cooled test platforms with vacuum chucks.

The customer will maintain complete control of data taken and Spectrolab personnel are available for set up and training.

For more information, please see the associated specification sheet available on our website at Request more information by either calling 800-936-4888 or emailing us at